Speaker and Workshop Presentations

Claudia A. Fox Tree

Professional educator and social justice activist Claudia Fox Tree, M.Ed. Facilitates courses and workshops on having difficult conversations about diversity and anti-racism. In decolonizing equity conversations, she centers current Indigenous experiences and inclusive history in what is now known as North and South America. Her presentations center on marginalized Native American identities and missing contributions while dismantling stereotypes and historical inaccuracies. She asks allies and co-conspirators to come on the journey with her.

More Detail about presentations: http://www.mcnaa.org/claudia-fox-tree.html 
Resources: 21-Day Racial Equity Indigenous Challenge – Fighting White Supremacy Since 1492

Name: Claudia A. Fox Tree, M.Ed.
Nation: Arawak, Taino iukaieke Guainia
E-mail Address:
cfoxtree@gmail.com (best way to contact me)


Some presentation goals are..…

  • Recognizing the importance of CONTRIBUTIONS and REPRESENTATION
  • Relearning accurate information about HISTORY and CULTURE

Some presentation titles…

  • Settler-Colonist Ties to Thanksgiving & Columbus: The Indigenous Perspective
  • Anti-Racism from the Indigenous Perspective: Implicit Bias and Stereotypes
  • 400 Years Later: Taking Back the Narrative
  • Cultural Appropriation, Being and Ally, and Contributions
  • Implicit Bias: A Closer Look at Special Education

Will speak at… Colleges, conferences, seminars, civic organizations, teacher professional development workshops, etc. As Claudia is a full-time public school teacher, she typically only speaks after the school day or during school vacation weeks.

Booking Information * within Massachusetts**

  • ​​Currently, and in the near future, Claudia primarily presents in the virtual/ synchronous mode (very little in person). She is most familiar with Zoom, but she has used other virtual platforms. If she’s unfamiliar with the platform, she may need to schedule a 15-minute “tech check” right before the presentation.
  • Presentations for smaller groups may be a seminar or participatory workshop.
  • For larger groups, presentations are participatory lectures with a slideshow.
  • Consultation is also available upon request.
  • Rates are available upon request

* Outside of Massachusetts or more than 75 min. away from Concord, MA incurs additional travel expenses.
** Some consultations may be done in collaboration with a teaching partner or group, and include an additional fee.

Please consider these questions and requests:

  • Have you already chosen a date and time?
  • Is this live/ in-person or virtual on a Zoom-type platform?
  • If it is live, will there be people/ audience, so that a participatory activity could be included?
  • Claudia prefers no video-taping or recordings, and does not share slides ahead of time or afterward. However, she can offer a resource list of the information discussed.
  • Please let me know if your organization will be preparing/ doing a Tribal Land Acknowledgment (TLA) at the beginning of the program. Claudia is happy to present a TLA, but also feels that organizations need to practice and take ownership of this important practice. More information about TLAs can be found here.

Travel: When not virtual, Claudia generally travels anywhere in the Greater Boston area. She could be flexible throughout New England and Cape Cod depending on the public school schedule. In 2004, she was invited to Germany for one week to speak about Native American culture at several United States Army bases. Claudia is willing to travel abroad with sufficient notice, depending on the time of year.


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Native American Resources

This BLOG is a place where I present lesser known truths (some may call it "revisionist history" - I just call it history) and perspectives about the Indigenous People of the Western Hemisphere, which are not easily found in other places.  I address a broad range of Native American issues, with a focus on my Nation, the Arawak (and the Taino Nation), Massachusetts (where I live), and social activism/responsibility (related to NA's). I recommend many of these resources in courses and workshops I teach about Native Americans - book lists, websites, video clips, music/songs, curriculum ideas, and other thoughts thrown in for explanation…

Multicultural Imperatives (Lists of Resources)

I teach several courses under the broad topic of "Multicultural Education," prioritizing social justice issues of access, power/privilege, & narrowing the academic achievement gap. I am a person of color and I almost always have a white co-teacher. We include topics, such as: racism, sexism, heterosexism, ableism, ethnocentrism, deculturalization, transforming curriculum, etc. This is a place where I post information that we teach; lesson plans for activities; and resources we use and/or which are shared with me by my adult students.

Here are RESOURCES and LESSONS I use when TEACHING ABOUT SOCIAL JUSTICE - especially race, ethnicity, and culture can be found HERE. You will find MANY LINKS TO SITES & ARTICLES, BUT ONLY THE FIRST FEW PARAGRAPHS (due to copyright laws), so please press the link to read the articles in their entirety. TO SEARCH, use the "SEARCH BY LABEL OR CATEGORY" section in the right column.

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